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6 Foods That Keep You Up At Night - Latest News

17 Sneaky Foods That Make You Sleepy (and 11 That Keep You Up)

keep you up at night. "Many people use alcohol to help them relax, but it actually prevents your body from entering the deep stages of sleep," says Pasquella. Have that plate of pasta at least few ... read more

If You’re Worried Eating Coffee Ice Cream Will Keep You Up at Night, We Have Really Good News

But just because a drink or food may be coffee-flavored ... it's good news for any late-night snacking, because the low amounts of caffeine won't keep you up! ... read more

8 Foods Foods That Keep You Awake After A Night Of Tossing & Turning

If this has ever happened to you, it might be time to pull out the big guns and start eating foods that keep you awake, no matter how poor your sleep was the night before ... of aged cheese might just ... read more

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6 Foods That Keep You Up at Night

Research shows it can help you maintain a healthy weight), and at night, snack on trail mix with walnuts, almonds and dried tart cherries. All three are good food sources of melatonin, a hormone that ... read more

Can’t sleep? Try avoiding these 6 food and drink items

While eating a balanced mix of fruits, veggies, and protein will make you pass out like a baby, the second you turn off the lights, there is a handful of foods that do the exact ... drinks will keep ... read more

9 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed If You Want A Good Night's Rest

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you’re probably aware that there are certain foods to avoid eating too ... if you want a good night’s sleep? That’s right — late night munching can ... read more

7 Midnight Snacks That Won't Keep You Up All Night, But Will Definitely Satisfy Cravings

Finding midnight snacks that won't keep you up all night is totally essential if you're someone who ... If you're ever looking for easily digested food that won't upset your stomach, an easy acronym ... read more

6 Surprising Foods That Are Messing with Your Sleep

What you probably don't realize is that there are a number of nutritious foods—ones that doctors and dietitians agree are part of a healthy, varied diet—that could be to blame if you're tossing and ... read more

6 Foods That Are Making You Tired

Your favorite breakfast, lunch or snack foods ... night.” Napoli also says the best morning energy fix is breakfast, not just java. It’s the meal that lets you literally “break the fast” you ... read more

The Purpose Series: Curation Foods Brings Produce To Food Deserts

Curation Foods, the natural foods subsidiary of Landec ... Fromm: As you think about building passion around the brand, what are the things that keep you up at night and how do you think about ... read more

6 Surprising Sources Of Caffeine That Might Be Keeping You Up At Night

It's pretty obvious that drinking an espresso after dinner might keep you up for hours, but a protein bar after an evening workout? Not as clear. There are actually a few surprising sources of ... read more

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