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5 Essential Exercises To Work Out Your Brain - Latest News

5 essential stretches to take your squats even deeper

After all, squats are a foundational movement of almost every workout routine with ... you can’t quite get your glutes to activate, or you suffer from knee pain, these stretches will help improve ... read more

5 Best Essential Oils For Yoga That Will Take Your Practice To The Next Level

But what are the best essential oils for yoga that'll truly ... tiny drops and work your way up if and when you want to. Here are five essential oils that will take your yoga practice to a new level ... read more

This Is How Many Hours of Sleep You Need to Build Muscle, According to an Expert

Sleep is essential in order for your brain to function: it enhances your creativity ... muscle mass and will have a negative impact on your ability to exercise. It's pretty hard to crush a workout and ... read more

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7 Mental Exercises to Make You a Better Critical Thinker

For example, if you've been talking about a problem out ... brain teasers require you to think "outside of the box" to solve them adequately. They pose a good challenge. One of the best things you can ... read more

7 Tips to Support Your Brain Health

Download Neuriva's Brain Gym app to help with your brain work out! It uses scientifically based exercises and training to help assess and track your progress. Tip #5: Practice Mindfulness Exercises ... read more

5 Changes To Your Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Business & Life

The moment you open your eyes, those few minutes are most crucial in setting the tone of the entire day. Your mood tells your brain ... essential and yet we ignore it. Do some stretch outs, skipping ... read more

Fuel Your Next Outdoor Workout with This Performance-Packed Fuel

Ditch the gym and try a workout in the park, get on your bike and explore the city, or go grab some friends and head out on your favorite hike ... In fact, a medium 5.3 oz potato contains 26 grams of ... read more

Can You Die From Lack of Sleep? 7 Facts You Need to Know

Until your ... work, out in public, or behind the wheel. Not exactly. But in extremely rare cases, fatal familial insomnia can kill you. This rare type of insomnia causes mutations in the brain. ... read more

This workout is great for your skin as well as your body

A new workout claims to boost your skin’s ... jump in and out. Touching down each time you squat jump. Allow three minutes before repeating the HIIT cycle. STEP 5: Post-workout cleanse ... read more

Answers to your health and wellness questions

This causes our brain to go into “starvation ... Hop on a spin bike, try a kettlebell workout, or conquer your fear of the TRX. It’s easy to fall into the same routine but mixing it up is usually as ... read more

Novel 5-minute workout improves blood pressure, may boost your brain

Could working out five minutes a day ... rate and oxygen consumption lower during exercise. "We suspect that as you improve the function of your respiratory muscles, they don't need as much blood to ... read more

Tom Brady uses this brain exercise to excel on the field. It can also be your secret weapon to fight Alzheimer’s.

If such a renowned and rigorous scientific organization has singled out brain ... work. And if you’re going to start someplace, you might want to begin with the things that have proven to be most ... read more

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