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13 Foods That Cause Bloating And What To Eat Instead - Latest News

5 foods that cause bloating and here’s what you should eat to avoid it

There could be many reasons this happens, but the most common one is the foods you eat ... Instead of beans, you can opt for pinto beans and black beans, which are easy to digest after soaking. ... read more

13 Foods That Cause Bloating (and What to Eat Instead)

Bloating is when your belly feels swollen or enlarged after eating. It is usually caused by gas or other digestive issues (1). Bloating is very common. About 16–30% of people say they experience it ... read more

Foods you should avoid during your period

The foods that you eat on these days ... Opt for sugar from fruits or dark chocolate instead. Bloating is a common symptom of PMS. Beans and other legumes cause bloating in some people. Avoid eating ... read more

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What Foods Cause Bloating? 13 Foods to Avoid

However, those of us that are sensitive to high-fiber foods might also experience bloat after eating lentils. That said, soaking lentils before cooking can help get rid of some of the bloat-causing ... read more

Beat the bloat: 5 foods to avoid — and what to add to your diet

We all have our own unique eating ... bloat 411: Bloat is a buildup of gas in the abdomen, usually caused by digestion or swallowed air. Feeling bloated can result from an overgrowth of bacteria in ... read more

5 foods that cause bloating (and 5 that fight it)

Awkward social moment aside, it actually made me think about what was causing ... on bloat, while still getting the benefit of these delicious vegetables. Cook them instead of eating them raw, eat ... read more

13 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

“Eating potatoes raw can cause bloating and undesirable gastrointestinal effects ... because the solanine could cause food poisoning. Here are some other foods that are bad for your digestive health. ... read more

Facing Bloating, Acidity Or Gas? Eating More Of These Fruits And Vegetables Could Help

Poor digestive system can be difficult to deal with as it causes problems on a daily basis. People who have a weak digestive system are likely to experience bloating ... Excessive smoking or eating ... read more

These Foods Are Increasing Your Risk for Cancer — What to Eat Instead

Share on Pinterest Foods such as fish, fruit, and vegetables can help reduce a person’s risk for cancer. Getty Images Americans still aren’t eating enough of the right ... which itself is a ... read more

13 Foods That Are Making You Fart Like Crazy

Your farts are a combination of two things: the air you swallow (say, by eating too quickly) and the food you eat, says David Poppers ... absorbed by your body and fermented by bacteria instead, ... read more

13 Foods to Eat When You’re Sick

Not only are they a potent source of the fat-burning nutrient, choline, they’re rich in potassium, a nutrient that fends off bloat ... that instead. While you’re eating to reduce your symptoms, ... read more

8 foods that cause bloating – and what to eat instead

But if bloating is something you experience every now and then, the culprit could be the foods you’re eating ... and so are the most common cause of bloating. Bloat-free alternative: Avoid any fizzy ... read more

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