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13 Foods That Cause Bloating And What To Eat Instead - Latest News

What is the planetary diet? New diet could save Earth, save lives and aid world hunger, study says

all of whom are part of the EAT-Lancet commission. According to EATforum.org, “food systems are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions” and are “the main user of fresh water, a leading driver of b... read more

How to Eat All You Want Without Blowing Your Diet over Chinese New Year | Health Plus

(2017, June 4). 13 Foods That Cause Bloating (And What To Eat Instead). Retrieved January 9, 2017, from https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-foods-that-cause-bloating Foreman, J. (2008, November 10 ... read more

The only 25 things you should buy at Whole Foods — and 25 things to avoid at all costs

If you shop right, you can not only save money at the high-end supermarket chain, but you can eat healthier food ... what you find lining Whole Foods shelves. "When you're craving a flavored beverage, ... read more

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13 Real Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

But if you’re in the habit of eating when the clock says to, instead ... your food. This includes distractions like watching TV or working on a computer. A review of two dozen studies showed that bein... read more

How To Eat Low Carbon In Four Simple Steps

Beef and lamb are routinely cited as the most polluting meats, so try to go for chicken, pork and fish instead ... in your diet (13). If you’re out at a restaurant and decide to eat meat ... read more

What’s a Low FODMAP Diet — And Is It Right for You?

bloating, and constipation. And FODMAPs can draw water into the colon, keeping unfortunate folks running to the bathroom. It makes sense that you’d want to stay away from eating anything that causes t... read more

7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While on Your Period

Did you know that there are certain foods you should avoid eating while on your period? When it comes to painful cramps, bloating ... can cause a pain in the uterus, when you are on your period. I sug... read more

Change your eating habits and lose weight

They often require serious willpower that could cause you to burn out and give up that new year's resolution. Instead ... to our food," adds Fennel. By taking 15 to 20 minutes to eat, our body will ab... read more

What to Eat Before and During Your Period to Make It Suck Less

One is that progesterone promotes fat storage, leading us to eat higher amounts of fatty foods. It’s also speculated that the jump in estrogen and progesterone causes our feel-good ... who kept fruit ... read more

Here’s what it means when your friend says she’s avoiding “damp” foods

For dampness, “eating kimchi, sauerkraut, whole grain, goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk, lots of water to keep the digestive system moving, and soups and stews where the food is already ... the best ... read more

6 Foods that Can Wreak Havoc on Your Gut

That leads to gas and bloating. How to fix it: If you find that your stomach doesn't feel so great after you get your morning caffeine-and-fake-sugar fix, use small amounts of actual sugar instead ... ... read more

Why The Paleo Diet Works for Me

Now I'm saying I will never go back to the Standard American Diet (gluten-free version, of course). [Read: Foods That Cause Bloating ... longer running and heavy workout days. Instead of a grain bar o... read more

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