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13 Foods That Cause Bloating And What To Eat Instead - Latest News

8 foods that cause bloating – and what to eat instead

But if bloating is something you experience every now and then, the culprit could be the foods you’re eating ... and so are the most common cause of bloating. Bloat-free alternative: Avoid any fizzy d... read more

What to Eat Before Running

On the other hand, fueling up on the wrong foods or not at all before a run can cause stomach ... may find that white rice instead of a baked potato for your pre-run meal sits better on your stomach. ... read more

What Are the Best and Worst Fats to Eat on the Ketogenic Diet?

The keto diet is all about the fat. And in an eating plan where up to 80 percent of the calories come from fat — which shifts your body into ketosis, or a state in which you burn fat for your main sou... read more

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The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Bloating, According To A Dietician

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what's causing your bloating. It could be a food intolerance (like dairy) or too many cans of LaCroix, or maybe it's just that time of the month. One thing is for su... read more

From LaCroix To Protein Chips, A Trusted Source Answers 21 Burning Questions On What To Eat

What the Center for Science in the Public Interest tries to do is clear a path for people, to make it easier to eat well, by trying to change the food system, the food supply around you, to facilitate ... read more

14 Foods That Are Worse for Your Teeth Than Candy

Skip the dried variety and opt for fresh fruits instead. Find out the answers to 13 questions you’re too afraid to ... And find out which 15 foods dentists never eat. Despite their healthy-sounding na... read more

World Food Day: Common eating mistakes to avoid

Taking supper at 9pm or 10pm (or even later), Kibara says, can cause obesity, bloating or gaseousness, or discomfort during the night. “When you eat late your ... nutritionist. Instead of clearing eve... read more

Can You Eat Mango Skin?

Mango is a popular fruit whose skin is commonly removed and thrown away before eating. Some people argue that mango skin — which is highly nutritious — should be consumed instead ... skin may cause an ... read more

How to Eat All You Want Without Blowing Your Diet over Chinese New Year | Health Plus

(2017, June 4). 13 Foods That Cause Bloating (And What To Eat Instead). Retrieved January 9, 2017, from https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-foods-that-cause-bloating Foreman, J. (2008, November 10 ... read more

Eating disorders are alarmingly common among pregnant women, and almost no one talks about it

"Your eating disorder just fights you every step of the way." Pregnancy is a time of immense change in the human body. For people with eating disorders (EDs for short) — a group of illnesses linked by ... read more

Why The Paleo Diet Works for Me

Now I'm saying I will never go back to the Standard American Diet (gluten-free version, of course). [Read: Foods That Cause Bloating ... longer running and heavy workout days. Instead of a grain bar o... read more

The 50 Best Foods (and Recipes) for Gut Health

Prebiotics act as the food source for probiotics. In short, probiotics need healthy things benefitsto eat when they’re in your stomach ... happier and boost your gut health. Check out these 13 probiot... read more

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