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10 signs you're showering too often

Basic hygiene is undoubtedly important, but is it possible to be too clean? Recent research has found that showering too much might have a negative impact on our bodies’ microbiome– the population of ... read more

Signs you may be showering too often – and what it means for your health

Here are a few ways to tell if you’re showering too often. ... read more

10 Signs You're Trying Too Hard To Please Everyone

But more often than not ... the things — and the people — you believe in. 10. You don’t admit when your feelings are hurt. You can’t form authentic relationships with people unless you’re willing to ... read more

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10 Signs You're an Overthinker

People often come to their appointments saying things like ... But, it's hard to recognize that spiral when you're caught in the middle of it. In fact, your brain might try to convince you that ... read more

10 Signs the Company You’re Interviewing With Values Women

So how can you tell if a company with which you’re interviewing values the women in the workplace? Here are 10 signs. 1. There are women in leadership ... not valued — and so the opposite is true, too ... read more

10 Signs You're Exercising Too Much

Here are the 10 ways your body will let you know if you're headed for ... is one of the earliest signs of overload, according to Jini Cicero, a conditioning specialist based in Los Angeles, Calif. ... read more

10 Signs You’re (Finally) Nearing the End of Pregnancy

You’re practically sleepwalking ... start shaving your legs again on a regular basis. You may even start showering/doing your hair more often “just in case.” You never can be too prepared for those ... read more

10 Signs You’re Living on Autopilot

You’re not focused on what’s most important to you in life and feel down because of it. 9. You say “yes” more than you say “no.” You often ... too many areas of your life and wish you would’ve taken a ... read more

The traits of a narcissist may be more subtle than you think — here are 10 signs you're dating one

It can be easy miss the signs that you ... the brakes," Love said. "Too often, clients tell me, 'We talked for hours,' 'No one has ever understood me like this person,' etc." Instead, Love recommends ... read more

10 signs you’re living with a master manipulator

If you have trusted too much too often, if your relationship ... several of the following warning signs that your partner is manipulating you. “It’s not me. It’s you.” Are you constantly told that you ... read more

10 Signs You're a Follower Instead of a Leader

You're not communicative. Leaders are often ... too far ahead. Leaders are almost always characterized by a clear vision for the future and sharing that vision with others. Followers either focus on ... read more

10 Foolproof Signs You’re Ready to Have Kids

You’re tired of choosing how to spend your money ... because you look like, not to put too fine a point on it, crap. Where was I going with this? 4. You hate showering alone. What you love though, is ... read more

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