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10 Fad Diets, Debunked

What should you cut out of your diet to be more healthy? Everything. According to the most popular diet books on the market, there’s barely a food on Earth that’s safe to eat. But what is the actual b... read more

10 Surprising Diet Myths Debunked

With so many contradictory fad diets out there, it’s often hard to tell the fact from ... minerals and other phytonutrients.” 10. MYTH: If you exercise, you can eat as much as you want. read more

America's obsession with protein is just another silly health fad

As good as protein can be, the belief that you need to eat a lot of it is just the workings of a standard fad diet trend ... the imbalanced diet is debunked. A mix of healthy fats, whole grains, veggi... read more

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3 Nutrition Myths Debunked

Fad diets and fad products ... tend to have a poorer quality of diet mainly because breakfast-eaters have higher fiber and nutrient intakes for fewer calories than those who skip breakfast, are starvi... read more

4 Fitness Myths Debunked

MYTH #1: You have to workout everyday to be fit MYTH #2: You have to commit to some sort of fad diet (and never have pizza ... You have to think about the life you want to be living 10, 20, or 30 year... read more

10 Health Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked by Science

Today we’re taking a look at 10 common myths and uncovering the truth. While we’ve learned a lot about health issues here at Lifehacker over the years ... get cut from just about every new fad diet to ... read more

Gluten-Free Fad Debunked? Study Suggests There Aren’t Any Real Health Benefits

looking at more than 3,200 products across 10 food categories. “There has been a tidal wave of gluten-free products coming onto the market in recent years and many people have been caught in the wash ... read more

Fasting for Weight Loss: Fad or Phenom?

Is this a trending fad ... a "periodic diet." In the human clinical trial, people were asked to eat their normal dietary intake, and then for five days follow a reduced calorie plan that entailed: Day ... read more

10 Weight-Loss Myths Debunked

Start by dispelling these 10 commonly held - but wholly inaccurate - notions. Myth 1: Carbs spell trouble for dieters. Fact: Carbohydrates are actually an important source of energy. Even so, that doe... read more

Five claims about coconut oil debunked

Is coconut oil all it’s really cracked up to be, or is it just another fad? Credit: Sebastien Gabriel/Unsplash ... They include 1960s studies of lean and active Pacific Islanders whose diets consisted ... read more

7 Silly Weight-Loss Myths Debunked By A Dietitian

And yet, we keep getting suckered into fad diets that are at best ineffective, and at worst, expensive and dangerous. Here are seven common weight loss myths, debunked with the help of registered diet... read more

The Latest Pseudoscience Diet Fad: Wear An Ice Vest

The world is full of pseudoscientific fad diets, but the latest fad isn't just a diet — instead, it's a craze for lowering body temperature to "burn fat." The Atlantic looks at people who buy special ... read more

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