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The Toolbox of a Successful Software Craftsman

One of the basic and often overlooked factors required for such qualities is that of energy. Energy consumption ... Large and complex software systems require expressive notations for representing their software architecture. In this context Architecture ... read more
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The Security of Various Programming Languages

Interesting research on the security of code written in different programming languages. We don't know whether the security is a result of inherent properties of the language, or the relative skill of the typical programmers of that language. The report ... read more

What you need to know about the iPad

John Gruber's review at Daring Fireball hits two important points I want to point out: the memory craps out in Safari so tabs are forgotten too often and how terrible syncing is with iWork. "It’s not just pre-Cloud, it’s pre-network. It’s effectively ... read more

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A Middleware Platform for Providing Mobile and Embedded Computing Instruction to Software Engineering Students

At the heart of the course is a middleware platform, Prism-MW, that helps students use software architectural principles to construct embedded systems and understand the important challenges of the embedded systems domain. This paper describes this course ... read more

Mint Jutras

These are processes often overlooked ... on which Apparancy’s solution is delivered as software as a service (SaaS). The appeal of SaaS has been growing quite steadily over the past decade. The Mint Jutras 2013 Enterprise Solution Study found that ... read more

The Internet of Things – new infographics

Starting your day just got smarter with these smart gadgets that evolved from their "not so smart" cousins. See how the Internet of Things makes life a lot easier. It’s happening now! In the near future, more and more devices and systems will be capable ... read more

z Distributed Databases

distributed database management system is then defined as the software system that permits the management of the distributed databases and makes this distribution ... Note: Current DBMSs often fail to achieve this goal. Operating system independence ... read more

ITIL’s dead elephant: CMDB can't be done

That figure included no software (in-house or packages ... that define how each CI is interconnected and interdependent with its neighbours.” A single parent child relationship isn’t going to cut it here. We have relationships such as “is physically ... read more

Model for e-Government Implementation in Pakistan

This study examined that many e-Government application suits are developed, but their implementation is jeopardized due to certain administrative issues in Pakistan. E-Government brings a radical change in business process, organizational culture, and ... read more

Comparatively analyzing vendors of components required for a web-based architecture

A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for performing a comparative analysis of vendors of network-related products or services. The present invention includes first determining a current network framework. Thereafter, a graphical ... read more

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