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'Guild Wars': An experiment that worked

With more than 3 million units sold, legions of passionate fans and heaps of critical acclaim, “Guild Wars” is probably the most popular massively multiplayer online game you’ve never heard of. It’s easy to see why. Blizzard Entertainment’s ... read more

STAR WARS Concept Yoda Becomes a Comic-Con Exclusive

People sometimes describe Star Wars‘ Yoda as a Muppet ... However, a handful are available to current members of the company’s Premier Guild premium membership, with platinum-level members having access right now, gold-level getting it starting ... read more

Q&A: Making microtransactions work for players in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 game director Crystin Cox gave a talk at GDC earlier this year about how the company develops its pricing models, and luckily for Gamasutra readers, we were able to get some one-on-one time with Cox to go in-depth on this subject. It was a ... read more

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Jack Lew blasts Trump on economy: ‘You do the hard work, and someone else spends it on their priorities’

I think it is an experiment ... We had two wars that, whether you agreed or disagreed, they were put on the deficit. They weren’t paid for. And then we had an economic crisis and a recession where natural stabilizers went to work and we had to have ... read more

What’s Next for Guild Wars 2?

To create this new content effectively, following Guild Wars 2’s launch ArenaNet adjusted its internal structure into different teams to better target which areas of the world needed work and respond ... to jump around and experiment with which portal ... read more

The Five Reasons We Play MMO’s: On Guild Wars 2 and Project Copernicus

They cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars and the few times they have worked ... kill some experiments gone wrong with ferocity yet unseen to my level 11 compatriots. The reason why I feel badass is because even though Guild Wars scales my ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Dragon’s Reach Part 1 Out, Elder Dragon Mordremoth Goes on a Rampage

Guild Wars 2 players need to work in order to unite the other races of the world against this new threat and make sure that its influence does not go any further, which can only be accomplished by pursuing two core new quest lines. The Call Goes Out asks ... read more

Well if That Doesn’t Just Take the Cake

NRO columnist Michael Tanner’s reportis a primer on congressional dysfunction and bizarre turf wars ... many other unions worked anyway. The “battle of Hollywood” was on. The crisis brought to center stage the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), of which ... read more

Stormland Is A New Co-Op FPS From Insomniac That Constantly Evolves

If you think that sounds too ambitious to work, I don’t blame you. I’ve played MMOs that have tried to capture that “ever-changing world and story” concept, such as Guild Wars 2, and it never seems to really come together as well in action as it ... read more

'Star Wars Rebels' Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: Following 'The Call' reveals a fundamental mystery of the galaxy

We find the Ghost dangerously low on fuel as they try to beat the Empire to a Mining Guild outpost in an asteroid ... ve seen (even though that gadget will work against Boba Fett's in "Return of the Jedi.") 'STAR WARS REBELS' ACTRESS TALKS ABOUT AHSOKA ... read more

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