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'Dragon Ball Super' Gives Z-Fighters A Saiyan Makeover - Latest News

'Dragon Ball Super' Gives Z-Fighters A Saiyan Makeover

The Dragon Ball Super manga has become both famous and infamous with fans of Toei Animation's anime series because of how many changes it's made to the ways the Tournament of Power progresses, but it' ... read more

Dragon Ball: 20 Weirdest Things About Trunks’ Anatomy

Trunks has experienced quite a few failures in his life, much like many of the other Z-Fighters ... surprising to fans of Dragon Ball Z, because Gohan had been born with a tail, and he was a half-Saiy... read more

Dragon Ball Z :SUPER SAIYAN GOD MODE?? Story/Movie

He has delivered a completely new original story that is focused on the period between the "Z" and "GT" Dragon Ball ... and gives him enough power to resist Bills. Goku even says that Vegeta's power h... read more

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 Review: Zamasu's Ambition - The Storied Project 0 Mortals Of Terror

Super Saiyan Blue is useless if a dig about Bulma makes Vegeta senselessly launch into battle and miss an obvious vulnerability. “Zamasu’s Ambition” gives the audience ... Future Zamasu uses the Super ... read more

'Dragon Ball' Promo Gives Broly Controversial Makeover

Dragon Ball Super is eager to ... all could turn if a certain makeover comes for the character. After all, fans expect Broly to look a certain way, and the Saiyan did not live up to those ... read more

Top 7 DRAGON BALL Z Episodes

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Z is one of the ... Goku goes Super Saiyan In our second slot goes the beginning of a legend. After falsely believing they had defeated Frieza the Z fighters let the... read more

‘Dragon Ball Z’ Gets A New Animated Movie, Anime Nostalgia Reaches Critical Mass

Basically Beerus is treating the Z-fighters with all the respect my cat gives ... Super Saiyan God, all hope for the universe is lost. After the travesty that is the Live Action Movie That Must Not Be ... read more

Dragon Ball: 15 Characters Frieza Has Actually Beaten

In Dragon Ball Super ... 15 Characters Frieza Has Actually Beaten. Piccolo first met Frieza on planet Namek when he and the other Z Fighters tried to make a last stand against him. To Piccolo’s credit ... read more

Fighters of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkiachi 2

With 120 different fighters Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkiachi 2 is the largest Dragon Ball Z fighting game to date. Take a look at some of the fighters in the Wii and Playstation 2 game. Who do you hop... read more

Prairie Nerds: Voice actor Christopher Sabat is as much a Vegeta fan as you are

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods tells the story of Beerus: The God of Destruction coming to Earth after hearing the tyrant Frieza being defeated by a Saiyan. This intrigues him because he believes that ... read more

NYCC '08: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Progress Report

As with all Dragon Ball Z fighters, you can enter into Aura Spark ... One Drama Piece might give you more health, another could block an opponent's super-move. There are 150-200 Drama Pieces included ... read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 74 Review: For My Beloved Ones! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!!

This episode gives a good indication of what Dragon Ball Super might look like if Gohan was the main ... The post-credit scene where Jaco recruits Arale to join the Z Fighters right after Bulma, Mai, ... read more

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